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Looking for a Bicycle Accident Lawyer? The Grand Rapids Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Krupp Law Offices PC can help you if you have been injured in a bicycle accident.  The right attorney can make a difference between getting a fair settlement or no settlement at all.  If you have just suffered a bicycle accident in Grand Rapids, Krupp Law Offices PC knows you may be feeling helpless and hopeless. Bicycle Accident matters require an experienced legal team, and we have many years of it in the Grand Rapids area. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious bicycle accident in Grand Rapids, we are here to help.

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Grand Rapids

How Do I Pay a Bicycle Accident Lawyer? – No Fee Until You Get Paid!

No Fee until you are paid! Our bicycle accident lawyers will represent you in your case with a no fee promise. You will not be charged any legal fees whatsoever unless we obtain a settlement or recovery for you. You have absolutely no obligation for legal fees unless we win your case.

When Should I Contact the Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Krupp Law?

Contact us immediately if you or a loved one are injured in a bike accident. You need to know your rights when explaining your bicycle accident injury to the insurance company. The adjuster will try to get you to say that you did something to cause the accident. Insurance adjusters and attorneys are working for the driver to eliminate your claim. They will offer you nothing or next to nothing and even pretend to be acting for you when they are not. You need the Grand Rapids bicycle accident lawyers of Krupp Law Offices PC representing your interests to ensure that you are justly and fairly compensated.

What Krupp Law Can Do for You After a Bike Accident.

  1. Get the best possible settlement for your case
  2. Get your medical bills and expenses paid after your accident
  3. Get your attendant care, household service, and other insurance benefits
  4. Get your lost wages paid
  5. Handle your no-fault insurance claim from start to finish
  6. Obtain your traffic accident report
  7. Obtain all of your medical records

Common Michigan Bicycle Accident Injuries

Serious injuries are frequent outcomes of Michigan bicycle / car accidents. In bicycle accident cases involving fatalities, the families of a person killed in a bicycle accident can file a Michigan Wrongful Death claim. We represent clients with all types of injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, back and neck injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, scars, and all other serious injuries.

What Can I Recover From a Bicycle Accident Injury?

Bicycles are not motor vehicles under Michigan law. Bicyclists can recover compensation from a serious accident in two primary ways. The first is to make a no-fault insurance claim with the driver’s personal injury protection (or PIP) insurance provider, which can help cover your economic and financial damages. Covering medical payments, in-home care, lost wages, and property damage. Second, you can pursue a third party claim for pain and suffering and other damages from the driver that hit you.

What Should I Do if I am in a Bicycle Accident?

  1. Call Krupp Law Offices at 616-459-6636
  2. Do not admit fault
  3. Never leave the scene of the accident
  4. Call 911 even if your accident seems minor
  5. Remain calm and remain near your bicycle (unless it’s too dangerous to do so)
  6. Seek medical attention
  7. Unless necessary, do not move the bicycle until the police arrive
  8. Write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of all parties involved, including any witnesses
  9. Make sure you write down the names and badge numbers of any police officers that are investigating the accident
  10. Photograph the bicycle, vehicles, and any injuries sustained by you
  11. Do not discuss the accident with anyone except the police or your own insurance agent or representative
  12. You are not required to give a statement to anyone but the police and your insurance company.

Statute of Limitations For Michigan Bicycle Accident.

The statute of limitations for automobile negligence cases varies from state-to-state. In Michigan, you must file a lawsuit within three years of the date of the bicycle accident.

How Do I Start My Bike Accident Case? – Call Krupp Law.

Get started with your bicycle accident case is easy. It all starts with a phone call to Krupp Law Offices PC. Our office will start working on your case immediately and begin gathering the witness statements and evidence to prove and win your case. 

Call for a free phone consultation. Our office can help.

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Getting Your Bicycle Accident Case Started

When Do I Need to Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Some sort of bicycle accident occurs many times ever day, all over the United States.  The most minor of these, without injuries and minimal property damage, do not require the involvement...

What Should You Do After a Bicycle Accident?

After a bicycle accident, the decisions you make in the aftermath can be very important.  You may be traumatized, injured and confused, but hopefully you...

What Damages Are Available in a Grand Rapids Bicycle Accident?

If you are hurt in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, you probably want to know what types of damages you can claim.  Before going to court or making a request for damages, it is...

Frequently Asked Bicycle Accident Questions

When Do I Need to Hire a Grand Rapids Bicycle Accident Attorney?

Some sort of bicycle accident occurs many times ever day, all over the United States.  The most minor of these without injuries and minimal...

What Damages Are Available in a Grand Rapids Bicycle Accident?

If you are hurt in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, you probably want to know what types of damages you can claim.  Before going to...

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Christian G Krupp II was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chris attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1988. He attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he was a member of law review and one of the few students that had his law review article published. Christian Krupp graduated from law school with honors in the top ten percent of his class. His legal career started and Dykema Gossett, Michigan’s largest law firm. While at Dykema, he was involved in a diverse practice groups including the corporate, finance, and legislative areas. After leaving Dykema, Christian Krupp joined the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. While at the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Christian Krupp gained valuable trial experience. He prosecuted many major felonies including Medical Malpractice Sexual Conduct, Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine, and numerous misdemeanors including drunk driving. After leaving the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Christian Krupp formed Krupp Law Offices PC in 1992 where he has been practicing trial attorney for over 28 years. He has also tried a number of civil matters before judges and juries.

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George Krupp was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was admitted to practice law in 1961 and started practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1962 in the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office. After years of success in the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, George Krupp left for private practice where he has worked for over fifty years. As a former Kent County Assistant Prosecutor in Grand Rapids, George Krupp has used his skills to represent thousands of clients in serious matters.

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