After a bicycle accident, the decisions you make in the aftermath can be very important.  You may be traumatized, injured and confused, but hopefully you will be able to follow the suggestions put together by experienced Grand Rapids bicycle accident attorneys.   Even before you contact a lawyer, take the following steps to help protect your rights and take care of your immediate injuries.

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Assess the Situation

Immediately after the bicycle accident, assess the situation.  Call 911 immediately.   If you can, move to the side of the road out of traffic.  Look around for witnesses and vehicles.  Take your cellular phone and take pictures of the car that hit you and other cars around you.  Take a picture of any injuries you sustained and damage to your bicycle.

Call the Police

If the police have not arrived, call them to the scene of the accident so they can complete an accident report.  Filing a police report will document the facts of the accident and help your Grand Rapids bicycle accident attorney assess your claim.

Gather Information

You’ll need to collect certain information to help your Grand Rapids bicycle accident lawyer manage your claim, since there are lawyers that specialize in bicycles accidents which can help you in a better way.  Exchange the following with the driver: name, address, phone number, insurance information, license plate number and make and model of the cars involved.  Also, take pictures of the scene and of your injuries, if possible.  Finally, obtain the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses.

Do Not Give Statements to Insurance Company Representatives

You should never give statements to claims adjusters or anyone else, unless you have first talked to a Grand Rapids Bicycle accident lawyer.  Any admission of responsibility can be used against your case later.

These first steps are important ones to help protect your rights immediately after a crash.  Even more important is contacting an experienced Grand Rapids bicycle accident lawyer to get you the compensation that you deserve. For a free consultation, submit the form below.

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